Scene From The Day

Here’s a thing. I parked behind this guy and somehow I’m the a-hole. If you’re going to put things you purchased in your trunk, park like you’re going to do exactly that.

He comes out and looks at me and makes this grand sweeping gesture with both arms like he was bowing to the Queen or something. So I backed up (because I’m nice like that) and proceeded to capture his pic on my dashcam.

BTW Garmin does make a great dashcam and the quality of the photos and video are outstanding.

I’m just sittin’ here tryin’ to eat lunch, man!



People annoy the ever loving %&#@ out of me on a good day and today wasn’t a good day. Let’s hear it for those eleven hour Mondays, huh? (insert slow clap)

Ah well, it’s a living.


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